Big Chuck
General Information
Species 1/2 To'Kustar 1/2 Perk Gourmand
Home World None

Big Chuck is a combination of Way Big and Perk Upchuck's DNA.


Big Chuck has the overall torso and head shape of Upchuck, with the exception of the green spines on the back of his head and neck and the To'kustar fin on his head. His arms and legs are significantly larger in proportions to his main body. His shoulders and arms both have blades/fins on them, the fins on his arms are much larger than his shoulder blades. His legs are skinnier at the top, much thicker at the bottom. His toes/fingers are smaller (proportionally) than those of either Upchuck or Waybig. He has 4 short lines on each of his arms, a To'kustar arm fin in between every 2 of them. He has gills on his neck like Upchuck and 2 extra eyes protruding from his neck. His color scheme consists mostly of green (for his spines, fins, blades, fingers, toes, and neck/chest area), white (for his face and main body), grey (for his extra eyes), black (for the stripes on his arms, the Biomnitrix symbol, and the lower sections of his To'kustar fins), and light green (for his eyes and Biomnitrix symbol).

Powers and Abilities

Being a combination of the 2, he, of course, has the combined abilities of Upchuck (being able to swallow an enemy('s attack), then spit him/her/it out as a harmfully explosive material) and Waybig (being, well, big, along with the fins and energy beams he might be/is able to fire from them).