General Information
Species Arburian Pelarota
Home World Arburia
Ultimate Form Ultimate Cannonbolt
Alternate Counterparts Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance The Big Tick
Cannonbolt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arburian Pelarota from Arburia.


Cannonbolt is a big roly poly like alien covered in yellow armor on his back, shoulders, backs of his hands and the sides of his legs. He is mostly white with some black on his upper half. He has a black stripe doing down his chest. He has sharp claws. The Omnitrix is on his chest. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Cannonbolt has a durable shell that can withstand acids, lasers and reentry into Earth.
  • He can roll into a ball and can roll into enemies as well as ricocheting off of surfaces.


When Cannonbolt picks up speed its hard for him to stop or control his direction. If he's stuck to something super sticky he can't move.


  1. Ultimate Cannonbolt
  2. Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt