General Information
Species Appoplexian
Home World Appoplexia
Body Tiger
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Super Agility
Sharp Claws
Shockwave Punch
Enhanced Speed
Enahnced Durability
Enchanced Reflexes
Enchanced Jumping
Enchanced Stamina
Powerful Roar
Wrestling Moves
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance The Con of Rath
Rath is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Appolexian from Appoplexia.


Rath is a humanoid tiger alien. He is orange and white with black stripes. He has two black wrist claws and each hand. The Omnitrix is on his chest. Rath always walks around naked, due to a horrible error on the part of the Omnitrix.

Powers and Abilities

  • Rath has super strength.
  • He has enhanced agility and can jump great distances.
  • Rath has a large retractable claw that he can use to slice, cut and stab.
  • He can create a shockwave when he stabs his claw into the ground.
  • His claw can grow larger.
  • Rath is extremely durable.
  • He has a powerful roar.
  • Rath can perform fighting moves.
  • He is super aggresive.


Rath is hardwired for aggresion and fighting so his lack of intelligence is a big weakness. He is easily distracted and it is difficult to make him stop fighting. He's also afraid of water. [[Category:Mad Ben's Alien
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