Vomit Man
General Information
Species Gourmand
Home World Peptos XI
Body Frog-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion
Strong Prehensile Tongues
Enhanced Flexibility
Strong Teeth
Swarm Gastronomy
Space Survivability
Voice Actor Eric Bauza
First Appearance And Then There Was Ben
Vomit Man is the Omnitrix's sample of a Perk Gourmand from Peptos XI and the Dimension 23 counterpart to Perk Upchuck.


Vomit Man is Young Ben's Perk Upchuck, with the green becoming blue. The Dimension 23 Omnitrix symbol is on his left hand.

Powers and Abilities

Same as Upchuck


Same as Upchuck.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • And Then There Was Ben (first appearance)
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1 (cameo; flashback)

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